A little something about me..

Hello! My name is Brooklynn Wood and this is my story... Day one – my eyes opened to a world of possibilities – beckoning exploration. I talked and walked and sought adventure as early as my jolly jumper days. My name says it all…I’m unique, a trendsetter unafraid to be different. Ancestors of artistry permeate my DNA. My talents, nurtured from a young age, were rewarded by awards and art displays featured at Public Libraries. My first book at age 9 (written and illustrated) was given serious publishing consideration by a Montessori program coordinator. More than the sum of my parts, lifeguarding demonstrates my dependability, soccer my endurance, and photography reveals my innate perception. I’ve, lived, loved, studied and acquired a mortgage. Now…it’s time to launch my design career!

Web Designs

Chair lift on mountain

Snow Leopard

Responsive Website

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City Website

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Guess A Number

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